Grow lights

Which grow lights should I get?

05 Oct, 11:32
We have two types of grow light; the 10W strip light model and the 25W "stalk" model. Both are compatible with the WaterMate and Sprout control systems.

The strip lights are designed to be fitted to the underside of the Sprout mesh shelving, where they provide light for the shelf below, as well as giving a good amount of warmth for the shelf above. They don't provide any lighting for the top shelf of a greenhouse - that's where the stalk light comes in.

The stalk light is fitted with a versatile mounting bracket which either clamps to a shelf on one of our older greenhouses ( Yard or Terrace ), or bolts to the inside of the greenhouse frame wherever there is a slot. You'll need to put an M5 square nut into the slot, and use an M5 x 8mm bolt.

The stalk lights are more powerful, so you can't run as many of them. We suggest a maximum of four 25W lights on a single control unit output and eight 10W lights.

The stalk lights are only available in white, and the strip lights are available in white and full-spectrum light.

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