Grow lights

How close is too close?

07 Oct, 21:18
I've read that there's something about the "inverse square law" which is about how the light strength decreases loads when you move the lights away from something. What distance would you suggest is the best for me to put my seeds from grow lights? I have the 100W grow light from these guys : link

Harvst HQ
13 Oct, 13:25
Hi tom-a-toe ( are you growing any?! ),
We put our seed trays right up close to the lights - about 5cm away - until the seedlings are strongly established. The strip lights don't give off too much heat and this works well. We use blocks of wood under the trays to raise them up. As the plants grow, we drop the trays.
The stalk lights - our more powerful ones - get hotter, so you're better off keeping the plants a bit further away. The stalk lights are better suited for tomatoes, peppers, and larger plants not in trays.

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