Grow lights

Extension wires?

15 Oct, 16:28
Can the grow lights be extended? They come with fairly short 1 metre wires.

16 Oct, 10:19
I am looking for extension cable as well, its not easy to find compatible cable online. It would be great if Harvst sell them in their shop, with more flexibility options.

17 Oct, 11:20
pansy - we don't recommend extending the grow light wires- the lights use quite a lot of power, and extending the cables will make them dimmer. They are designed to be mounted within a metre or so of the control unit for maximum brightness. It is possible though if you really want - let us know and we'll make up a custom cable or two for you.

Jackie - are you also looking for light extensions or another kind of extension? We sell solar panel extensions and pump extensions. Search on our shop for "extension" : link

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