Grow lights

Grow lights timing - what are you doing?

05 Oct, 15:05
How long do you run your lights for? We have ours on from 7am to 7pm, now that it's October and there's less light in the yard than normal. The test S6 we have is on a NW facing wall, so it gets no sunlight until the end of the day. The lights also give off a fair bit of warmth which keeps it cosy. The auto-lid opener is keeping the maximum temperature to around 25 degrees, if the sun comes out with the lights on. The exception to this is when there's direct sunlight on the temp sensor, when it can go up to 35 on the peaks.

Harvst HQ
05 Oct, 15:51
Our HQ garden ( indoors ) is a similar story. 7am to 7pm.

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