Tips for setting up the Sprout watering system

05 Oct, 11:55
Our Sprout greenhouses come with a versatile watering system which can be varied depending on the plants you are growing at the time. The inlet is either a mini water pump, or a connection to a mains hose. From there, water is sent around the greenhouse in 4mm micro irrigation pipes. Into the 4mm pipe, you can fit any industry-standard sprayers, drippers or other nozzles.

Sprayers are good for covering a seed tray with water to keep it damp while seeds are germinating. You'll probably need to tweak the position of the sprayers to get good coverage of the tray. Secure them in position with cable ties.

So that you don't waste water, and to ensure you get as much of the water into the soil as possible, we suggest putting seed trays / cells onto a non-draining tray so that the soil soaks water up from the bottom, too.

The misters/sprayers need a fair bit of water pressure to give a fine output, and to keep pressure up you shouldn't put low-pressure emitters in the same hose. You can put "pressure compensated" drippers in the same line as sprayers - these only allow a certain amount of water through regardless of line pressure.

Don't forget an inline water filter to make sure your sprayers and drippers don't get blocked.

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