IBC fittings

22 Oct, 20:17
hi, I have an iBC water tank by my polytunnel, will this be ok for feeding water to the watermate?

Harvst HQ
23 Oct, 17:55
Yes, certainly. You have a couple of options; if you have a Watermate mini, with the submersible pump, you'll need to drop it in the top. If you have a Watermate pro ( with the inline pump ) you can either drop an inlet pipe into the top of the tank, or you can take a feed off a tee joint connected to a tap in the bottom of the IBC. An IBC is a popular option that works well for lots of people.

13 Dec, 13:15
Another similar Q ... Just starting to plan the install of my WaterMate Pro system, and I was just after some advice if that's okay? I'm going to be taking the water from an IBC next to my polytunnel, and I was thinking about plumbing the hose directly to the IBC outlet, with an in-filter of some sort - is this a bad idea? If not, is there a grade of filter that I should avoid, so as to not inhibit the flow to the pump? 🤔 I can always dangle the hose through the hole at top of the IBC, but I thought the other option might be 'neater'...?

13 Dec, 13:19
Yes, you certainly can plumb the WaterMate pro directly into the IBC outlet. You don't technically need a filter as the pro pump already comes with one on the inlet ( attached to the pump ) - but if you want extra protection you could add any 13mm inline filter in the hose somewhere. We've not found that you need an especially high flow rate filter, for the watering of a polytunnel or greenhouse it's not a huge volume of water running through the pipes.

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