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  1. I have a gale forecast tonight, and my Harvster isn't fixed down. Nothing came in the box to fix it down. What would you suggest is best?
  2. What's the best salad to grow over winter? I'd love to be able to do fresh greens at "the wrong time of year", just for kicks if nothing else
  3. This sounds cool! There are some other apps, I use the RHS one, but it doesn't send me very useful updates. I would like to learn more about what I'm growing - useful ideas, tips, comparision and enemy plants etc
  4. I was looking at these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elixir-Gardens-Warming-Thermostat-Propagator/dp/B01N5TGL0P but haven't got one yet. Thing is I don't have any mains power outside so I don't know how I would make that work???
  5. I check every couple of weeks. I've noticed that the sprayers spray a lot less when the filter is a bit blocked. There's also a filter on the inlet side of the water valves which can sometimes get blocked (which is a bit of a fiddle to change, but I guess is better than the nozzles getting blocked!)
  6. I planted some chard seeds three weeks ago but they still haven't come up. I've set my tubs to 20 degrees and everything looks ok, the soil is damp but no sign of seedlings yet. What have I done wrong?
  7. Can I use other grow lights (non Harvst ones) in my growbox?
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