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  1. I just ordered some potatoes for chitting......not strictly Harvster related as they’ll be in bags on the patio, but I may chit them in the Harvster if the air temp data looks warm enough with the seed tray heaters. Then they can be planted early March for August/Sept harvest of new potatoes 😊
  2. Thanks Chris, that’d be great if I can test some please?! Happy to buy too though? My only concern is where I can plug them in as I have so much connected to my control unit already......9 things in total! (2 of the red prototype heat pads that I’m using for seed trays, 3 silver temperature sensors, 1 black moisture/temperature sensor, water level sensor, water pump and solenoids)......what do you think?
  3. This may already be a feature of the newer versions, but if not, it’d be great to have a clip to hold the lid prop up when not in use (mine is tucked behind a screw, which works fine but isn’t obvious) as well as a recess next to the lock to seat it securely when open. Mine just rests on the top of the frame upright which is fine until I accidentally nudge it and the lid falls on my head! Lol!
  4. Adding to this.....mine did get blown over in the gales last night (it’s mostly empty, just two seed trays so far so not really surprising once a gust got under it) BUT I’m pleased to report that there’s no damage at all (except to my seedlings 😞) so the build quality is certainly top notch!
  5. Hey Chris, would these work with the Eurotainers? Eg. Coil around in one then go up and over the sides of the container into a second container etc? If so, which connection point on the control board would we need to use to run it? Thank you Emma
  6. Hi fellow Harvstrs! The ‘water now’ button only does a second or two of watering, is this expected? Or is there a way to set it to water for longer on demand? Thank you Emma
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