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  1. Hi, I have been trying to add some new crops to my app but they don't seem to have been added. I can only see the two I put on ages ago. there should be three more , peas, beans and reddish.. I thought i had added them and saved to the app but can't see any new plants there. any ideas?
  2. I might have missed it but which one reads for which shelf? top is red or black? i have only planted some sweet peas right now and the temp was varied today when the sun came out so guess I should know which sensor is in which shelf.. LOL
  3. I love the app and how i can see what's going on in my Harvst , looking around the app i see a graph which is a little squished on my iPhone and i wonder if you can explain what i am seeing? the % is of what? for what? not sure how to ask really..
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