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  1. In my Terrace Harvster I am having problem that upper misters only hit the front half of the seed trays. I am considering either a second row of misters pointing straight down, or plumbing in some 4mm irrigation that will use a combination of drip hose, and drippers for the top shelf of trays.
  2. All the panels in my Terrace Harvester are covered in condensation. Should I : a. Stop heating ? b. Open the door / lid ? c. Reduce watering ? d. All of the above ? e. Do nothing, it isn’t a problem
  3. Neil

    Gutter full of peas

    12 days after planting. Oregon sugar pods.
  4. Neil

    Neil Benn

    Novice gardener, Harvster Pilot, Andover
  5. Also thinned out the Lolla Rosso 13days from sowing.
  6. Relaxing morning thinning out the Cos Lettuce, 13 days after sowing.
  7. The radishes were doing really well after only 5 days.
  8. Very happy to see the auto opener in action, spring is here at last.
  9. First peas (Oregon Sugar Pod) coming through after 7 days. Saw that Rik had used old guttering and copied his method. Hoping to transplant by sliding the whole lot out into a cutter shaped trench.
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