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  1. Well in my experience, all seeds need some light levels to germinate. Having looked at the oracle, Dr Hessayan, book that I have there isn't any specific mention of beet needing lots of light. Generally speaking the smaller the seed them more that they need light. What does cause beet not to germinate will be the old chestnuts; contact with the soil, moisture, seed age, age of the compost/soil etc. Three weeks at the very darkest, coldest part of the year might be pushing it without some extra heat and light. Worth checking those out first. It just could be some more patience is required too
  2. The data also feeds the temperature on your dashboard [air temp] and the moisture reading and temperature readings in each of your zones. So you can see the same data that is on the graphs in a bit more of a usable format there too on your phone.
  3. try having a look here at one of our blogs too: https://www.harvst.co.uk/why-do-i-need-grow-lights/
  4. I have mine on for about an hour in the morning and two hours in the evening just to extend the day. Seeds are germinating and the Carrots that I planted late summer seem to like that too.
  5. Hiya, How have the light levels been with you? Seeds need light and temperature and warmth to get them going. It has been pretty dull the past few weeks and you might need some grow lights to boost the light levels.
  6. Loads that you can grow at this time of the year. the main things to bear in mind are warmth, light levels and watering. all need much more careful balancing to grow successfully in the winter IMHO. In a cold greenhouse or poly-tunnel, there are lots of winter salads. just search for Winter Salad Seeds. have a look here: https://www.sarahraven.com/veg-fruit/seeds/salad-seeds/autumn-and-winter-salad-leaf-mix.htm?gclid=CjwKCAiAlNf-BRB_EiwA2osbxUFFVbShk6T0PF1pL0q05QxuFiQedN6f-sDL5dzeoDmR0vHLZwRScRoCr9IQAvD_BwE You can grow spinach and leafy veg too. These go well although you might n
  7. I am sure that you could. What you would want to do is to check the electrical safety. 240v outside might be a problem if you cant ensure the safety of all of the electrical connections. Our trays are 12V and are connected safely to the control unit making sure that you and your Harvster and plants remain safe. They are also then fully controllable by the app ensuring that you aren't over or under heating your plans. Overheating would dry out seedlings and under heating would lead to sub-optimal germination and growing.
  8. Hi, I would keep a regular check o this say once a month esp at this time of year when the leaves are coming down. Hope that helps.
  9. Rik - Harvst


    Nice plant! Tasty too
  10. Hi Sam, there is loads that you can grow over the winter. There are winter salads, spinach, chard, carrots, spring onions as well as some of the brassicas like Kale etc. The brassicas tend normally to get too big for a Harvster but you can grow them for micro leaves. The rest you can just grow although you may need to give more protection in sustained really cold weather. Check out the blog here: https://www.harvst.co.uk/plant-now-harvster-october/. Things will be slower than in the spring and summer months but so long as you have your Harvster in a good position with light and you keep th
  11. That sounds like a great position Peter. As you say westerly will catch the sun most of the day. Great position if you have power and water just there.
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