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Harvst sustainability goals

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Both Rik and I are keen to see the Harvst brand being known for good ethics; a brand built on sustainable principles. We want to reduce the negative impacts of our sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution while also increasing the positive aspects of getting more people growing more of their food on their doorstep, using organic and healthy principles. Here's our pledge:

We will strive to use materials that have the least impact in terms of pollution and energy use. This is a challenge, since the bulk of our kit is made from aluminium and polycarbonate, but we will always try to make the best decision when it comes to design and build. We use treated timber for the base instead of recycled plastic for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that at the end of its life, the timber will just rot away.

We will design our products and packaging using re-use and re-build principles wherever possible. We are strong advocates of the "circular economy" and we'd like to be able to take end-of-life product back for re-manufacturing, either into other Harvst products or something related.

We believe that "build it properly and make it last" is a good ethos for product design. We want your Harvster to last for many, many years. Cheap throw-away products don't do anyone any good.

Getting you, the customer, involved is key; how would you like us to improve? Let us know!

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Hey Chris, that's great and really hearing that you guys are passionate about us all growing our own produce and reducing our impact on the environment - you asked how you could improve well....

How about recommendations about growing food that is appropriate to our circumstances - i.e location, space, abilities, understanding etc acknowledging that for many people they have lost the understanding of how  to grow food. Using simple, cheap and informed choices allowing environmentally low impact alternatives to live their lives. Well could we not plant the right food crops at the correct time in the right situation. If we want to "extend" the season then we could us our sunny window sills or radiators or we could place a clear plastic wrapped shelf in a south facing position to catch the early sun?? Obviously clear plastic (or glass) is free and would reduce the incidence of it going to landfill (if only for a bit) and therefore be beneficial to us all. Many of us want or play our part in reducing our environmental impact, many of us want to grow and enjoy the food that we grow for satisfaction, taste, sense of achievement and to feel connected with our world. Let it roll - sales or share! x





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Hi Ant - definitely something we want to do, and something I think the community will be great at helping with. There are so many people with so many great ideas out there. It's something that's already being witten about all over the internet, and we'll be looking to collaborate with people with advice that we agree with.  Watch this space!

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